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This directory contains data files that accompany the paper by Sellam et al (2010) Experimental annotation of the
human pathogen Candida albicans coding and noncoding transcribed regions using high-resolution tiling arrays.
Genome Biol. 2010 Jul 9;11(7):R71 (PMID: 20618945)

Figure S1. GO analysis of the 28% of nuclear genes not expressed in this study.

gb-2010-11-7-r71-s2. xls 
Table S1. Genome-scale detection of unannotated transcribed segments in C. albicans
growing in different conditions.

Table S15. List of nested or overlapping genes validated in this work.

Table S2. List of detected ORFs and pseudogenes.

Table S3. List of ORFs exhibiting long 5' and 3' UTRs (>240 bp)

Table S4. Gene Ontology analysis of ORFs with long 5' and 3' UTR regions (>330 bp).

Tables S5, S6, and S7. Genome-wide detection of ncRNAs: Table S5, AS transcripts; Table
S6, housekeeping ncRNAs; and Table S7, RT-qPCR validation of randomly selected ncRNAs.

Figure S2. Transcription and RNAP I and III occupancies within the rDNA locus.

Tables S8 and S9. Detection of RNAP III binding peaks (Table S8) and genomic organization
and coordinates of telomeric ncRNA (TelRs; Table S9).

Figure S3. Transcription and RNAP III occupancy of ncRNAs. tRNAs (a, b), RPR1 (b) and an
unknown ncRNA (c) are represented.

Table S10. GO process annotation of differentially regulated annotated features using
the CGD GO Term Finder

Table S11. List of differentially expressed ORFs in hyphae, biofilm and caecum-grown

Figure S4. Real-time quantitative PCR validation of candidate genes differentially
expressed in caecum-grown Candida cells. Both heme-binding (a) and carbohydrate catabolism genes (b) were

Figure S1. GO analysis of the 28% of nuclear genes not expressed in this study. Table
S12. Genome-scale detection of differentially expressed unannotated transfrags in C. albicans.