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ReferenceSpeciesGenes Addressed
Oliver JC, et al. (2020) Metabolic profiling of Candida clinical isolates of different species and infection sources Sci Rep 10:16716
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Zhou P, et al. (2020) Candida glabrata Yap6 recruits Med2 to alter glycerophospholipid composition and develop acid pH stress resistance Appl Environ Microbiol
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C. glabrata |YAP6
Alqahtani FM, et al. (2019) Chemogenomic profiling to understand the antifungal action of a bioactive aurone compound PLoS ONE 14:e0226068
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C. albicans |CBK1 |CDC28 |CDC42 |CSC25 |ERG3 |HGC1 |MCM1 |RAS1 |RAS2 |RPS4A |RPS5 |TSC11

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