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The CGD Flanking Features Table helps researchers identify the genomic features within the 10 kb regions upstream and downstream of a feature of interest, and to navigate to their Locus Summary pages or to the GBrowse genome browser display for that chromosomal region. This table shows the coordinates of ORFs and other sequence features.

Using the Flanking Features Table

Each row of the CGD Flanking Features Table displays information about a chromosomal feature (an ORF or another genetic element, such as a tRNA, RNA gene, transposon or LTR element, rRNA or snRNA). The feature of interest appears in the middle of the table.

The columns of the Flanking Features Table display: feature name; sequence coordinates and strand; links to the Locus page and to retrieve the sequence of the feature; locus name (if any); and the description of the feature.

Accessing the Flanking Features Table

The Flanking Features Table can be accessed by:
  1. Selecting "Flanking Features Table" under "Maps & Displays" in the lower right section of a Locus Summary page; or
  2. Entering the desired region in Gene/Sequence Resources, pressing the submit form button, and then choosing "Flanking Features via Batch Download" as the display method.

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