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CGD Help: PDB Homolog Page


Page Description and Navigation

The PDB Homolog Page presents information for proteins of known structure homologous to the specified CGD protein, identified in a BLASTP search of The RCSB Protein Databank (PDB). All BLAST hits with a P-value less than 1E-5 are displayed. The search results and associated informational links are displayed in a large table.

The top of the page provides a site-wide quick search, links to the major CGD informational resources, and a bar with links to popular tools, such as a local BLAST search.

Organization of the Results Table

The Results Table (PDB Blast Hits) presents information in 4 columns:

  1. PDB protein structure(s) homologous to query protein
  2. This column summarizes the homologous PDB structures in two sub-columns:

  3. PDB Homolog Source
  4. This column identifies the source organism(s) for the PDB homolog.

  5. Protein Alignment: query vs. PDB Homolog
  6. This column summarizes the alignment between the query protein and PDB homolog in four sub-columns:

  7. External Links
  8. This column provides links to external resources providing additional information on the 3D-structure of the homolog. The resources are:

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